Sunday, February 23, 2014

Create eBooks on iPads

Creating eBooks is now easier than ever using iPads and the Book Creator for iPad app. Students can create the content to add to their ebook using a variety of apps. These can then be added to Book creator for a range of purposes. Book creator will allow you to add images, videos, audio and record audio. The ebooks can be exported to iBooks, iTunes and exported as an epub file.

Ways to use ebooks 

• Instructional manual: take photographs of a process or experiment, video demonstration 
• Reference book: Maths equations and tutorials 
• Recipe book
• ‘About me’ book
• Learning another language
• Learning the alphabet
• Picture book
• Glossary to develop vocabulary
• Spelling List book
• Present class artwork
• Photo book
• Art portfolio
• Create a year book for the class
• Reflect on a field trip or school camp – apps to edit photos, create comics and collages
• Present a research task
• Use as a digital portfolio adding images, collages, comics, videos, audio and text
• Create a comic book
• Write a story
• Diary or journal
• Demonstrate understanding of a topic by explaining diagrams or images
• Present Poetry
• A music book, add recorded videos or audio of students creating music
• Use for planning a project and recording end results

Apps to create videos and images to add to your eBook: 

Concept maps:

Video apps:

Image editing apps:

Word Art: