Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Build Your Wild Self

Build Your Wild Self is a fun and creative site where you can create a character by choosing human parts and then combine them with animal parts. The site provides lovely hand drawn and watercoloured images. Simply click on the body part you want to create and choose the image you want. There are also options to change colours. There are limited options for clothes though.

Once finished creating, you can print out the design or email it to a friend or yourself. It is sent as a .gif file allowing you to save it.

This site could be used in many ways across different year levels. Students could make an image of themselves first without any body parts and then add their favourite animal parts. The printed image even comes with a name made up from all the animals. Students could describe the image or create a story about the character.

Each member of the class could make a character and print it out to put up around the room. This site could be used with any animal unit.

It could be used as a starting point for an artwork and is also useful for creating an avatar.

Here is an example of a character without animal parts.

Here is an example after animal parts are added.