Monday, February 01, 2010

Reflection on Digital Pedagogy

After winning a 2009 Smartclassroom Teacher's Award, I was asked to share what I do in my teaching via a web conference.  This activity made me reflect on how I structure tasks in my classrooms and how I choose them.  I decided to create this slide.  I am in the process of altering and updating this slide as it is constantly changing as I learn and develop as a teacher.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

Great presentation! It is so important that we, as educators, reflect on our learning and process. We often ask students to do this and it is wonderful to see teachers doing so, too.

my blog said...

Thankyou for this Steph. It is amazing how many things we use bit never give a 'title' to it for our own learning and Professional development. Thankyou for your thoughts. BTW love the way you present things.

Jesús Glez. said...

This is a nice way of getting to know yourself, and it is a great means to update your activities every school year, even though you have the same syllabus.

Off topic: would you mind addind a RSS option? It'll be great to follow you through a reader. THANKS!

Melissa said...

Love your presentation and representation of your learning.

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