Friday, April 09, 2010

Scholastic Writing Games

It appears I have come across a theme of digital stories lately.  I was looking at the scholastic site and came across some great writing games I thought I would share.  The games are all related to books.

Students can create a scene using the characters provided.

Space is then provided to describe what is happening in the scene.  Students can also use prompts provided.

Decide on a scene.

Write a story.

This game helps students plan to write an editorial and displays the components needed.

Make a Charlotte's Web Comic

The scenes, characters, objects and speech bubbles are provided.

There are also options to create other comics based on:

Students can create stories relating to the novels or create their own versions.


my blog said...

Steph you find the most wonderful and useful activities for classrooms. Thankyou once again for being part of my PLN :)

Mrs. Tenkely said...

These are fantastic, I just used the Charlottes Web for a Treasures Unit we are doing. I know several of my kiddos that would love A Dogs Life.

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