Saturday, January 22, 2011

Clay Yourself

There are many sites which provide you with tools to create your own character or avatar. These sites can be used in many ways such as:

• Make own avatar and use in a personal profile listing hobbies, interest and goals.

• Students can use an avatar instead of a photo when posting on the web to protect privacy.

• Teachers could make on of themselves.

• Make own avatar with background and accessories which represent their interests. The students can explain what the visual images represent, eg. A guitar because they love to listen to music.

• Students can divide into pairs and make avatars of each other.

• Students can make their own avatars, print them out and collect them. Shuffle and distribute them out. Students match the avatar to the person who made it.(Great ice breaker activity)

• Use as a character in a game or animation such as flash or scratch.

• Print out the character and pin the joints to make it movable. This could be used as a puppet or could be brought to life in a stop motion animation.

• Make a 3-D interpretation of the character in clay or construction materials

• Re-create characters from a book, film or play.

• Print out avatars with the student’s name underneath and use them to decorate and personalize the classroom.

• Make characters and write a story about them.

• Use them to make comics by adding speech bubbles

• Add interest to worksheets or virtual classrooms

• Design a character and convert the image into an artwork. It could be used in a screen printing activity, painting or drawing.

• Or just to have some FUN!

A new site I have come across on twitter thanks to @neslidrmsgl it is called  . The great thing about this site is it has a 3D look as though you are made from clay. You can save your final character; the site also has a name generator and a script writer for a story where you fill in the missing words. This is a fun site to have a play with.

For more Avatar making sites go to this slideshare link.


mssanderson_ITS said...

This was a lot of fun to try out (even if I couldn't get my curls)! :) Definitely passing it along to my teachers. Thanks!

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