Monday, April 18, 2011

Online Comics and Graphic Novels

Here is a list of Online Graphic Novels and Comics. They vary from being read online or download as a pdf. With these comics you can use them for comprehension activities, use them as stimulus to give students ideas when they are making their own, you can also look at characters, setting and the plot of the comic.

The WormWorld Saga is an Online Comic and is available in a range of languages.  This makes it a great tool for learning laguages.

DC Kids offers a range of comics which are free to download.

The Dream Chronicles is an online Graphic Novel.

This site offers a range of comics which are free to download.  they are great for beginning readers andto use for visual literacy.

This site offers a range of online comics for early Phase students.  They are also avaliable in English, French, Spanish, Russian and Chinese.

This site offers a range of Online Comics

This site provides free sample downloads of classics which have been converted into Graphic Novels such as Romeo and Juliet, Jane Eyre, A Christmas Carol and many more.  The site also provides teacher resources and comics with no text so students can interpret the images and add their own text.

This site is a Forensic Science Mystery better suited for older students.

Free 'How to' downloadable comics

Free Download
Online Science Comics

Free Download comics on Biographies of the Twilight actors.

Free Download about internet safety

Online comic about internet safety
This link shows an adaptation of Hamlet created using a game similar to Machinima by Adrian Bruce.

This is a great resource to about Graphic Novels.


Janice Hall Heck said...

WOW! What an amazing resource list. Thanks.

Michelle Morissette said...

I just discovered you list. Thank you for publishing it. It's great for young ESL students who are reluctant readers, but who WILL read comics, graphic novels and manga novels.

Michelle Morissette

Warin said...

wow ! I love this. May I also put this link into my blog ? I mean, I have a homework to make educational blog, so that I want to share this online comics and graphics novels that you've written into my blog. Is it Okay?

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