Thursday, May 19, 2011

Using Animations to Apply Knowledge

Creating animations is a great way for students to apply their knowledge and demonstrate understanding. It also allows students to develop problem solving and decision making skills while being creative and having fun.  I have included a few links to sites to give ideas and a table to show how animations can be used across subject areas.

I Create to Educate

Great student sample I particularly like to animated diagram of the heart.

Sam Animation

Klutz: great ideas for stop motion animation

Animate Clay


Animation for education

Using Animations Across Subject Areas


  • Demonstrate knowledge of the genre and audience

  • Create a Book trailer as an alternative to a book report

  • Interpret myths and legends

  • Interpret a poem or nursery rhyme through animation

  • Create a persuasive animation by focusing on environmental issues

  • Bring characters from a novel or play to life by adding them to an animation

  • Write a story and adapt to an animation

  • Using foam letters to spell words

  • Using magnetic words to create sentences

  • Use new vocabulary words in context

  • Create an advertisement


  • Demonstrate understanding of fractions and percentages

  • Display number equations

  • Create shapes

  • Demonstrate understanding of percentages

  • Demonstrate understanding of time

  • Create animated graphs

  • Use lego blocks for counting


  • Demonstrate phases of the moon

  • Life Cycles

  • Solids, liquids and gases

  • Forms of energy

  • create a sun safe animation

  • Growth of a plant

  • Circulatory system

  • Digestive system

  • Demonstrate a volcanic eruption or earthquake

  • Time-lapse video of plant growing, weather changing and melting

  • Show understanding of laws of physics

  • Show the position and movement of planets in our solar system

  • Demonstrate understanding of magnets


  • Indigenous dreamtime stories

  • Re-enact events in history

  • Environmental sustainability

  • Travel around a map

  • Natural Disasters

  • Languages Stroke order of script writing

  • Characters speaking in the target language

  • Create an animation depicting a culture


  • Demonstrate colour theory

  • Bring an art work to life

  • Demonstrate understanding of the elements and principle of design

  • Document the creation of an artwork from beginning to end

  • Create animation exploring art movements e.g. Surrealism


  • Create music tracks for animations

  • Demonstrate how to write music

  • Demonstrate music theory

Home Economics

  • Demonstrate procedures and safety

  • Create the illusion that a meal made itself by taking images during the preparing and cooking process.

  • Nutrition


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