Thursday, June 30, 2011

Create Talking Images

This post is an extension of the last post I made where you can attach sounds or speech to shapes.  In this activity you can drawing shapes onto an image and then making the shapes transparent.  This idea was inspired by acolleaue of mine and her great site on using ICT in the Early Phase . 
Ways to apply to learning are:

• Describing the words in a tag cloud

• Describing aspects of an artwork

• Discuss aspects of a photo

• Add music to reflect the mood in an image

• Eye spy photos

To start insert an image into PowerPoint.  Draw a shape over an area of the image.  This can be done by selecting a shape or freeform shape.  Attach the sounds to the shapes as explained in the last post.

Now to make the shapes transparent,  right click the shape and select Foramt Shape.

Move the transparency bar to 100%

Select Line Color and select No Line and your shape will now be transparent.

Now you cannot see the shape on top of your image.  To test go to slideshow and move your mouse over the screen, when you click you should hear the sound.


Elizabeth H. Eastman said...

You share so many helpful tips! Thanks!

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