Friday, May 15, 2015

4 easy to use image overlay tools to create illusions

The technique of layering images, masking and erasing, makes it possible to manipulate images to create illusions. This can often be done using two images - a background image and a foreground image. Parts of the foreground image are erased to reveal the background image.
There are many ways this technique can be used with students:
Such as:

·        Virtual trip: change the background image to anywhere in the world, create a travel journal or travel postcards.

·        Mythical creature: merge animal parts to create a new creature with powers.

·        Superpowers: create the illusion of super human strength, invisibility or the ability to fly.

·        Surrealism: create a surrealistic image by placing objects out of context.

·        Out of proportion: Create the illusion that something has grown or shrunk by placing it next to objects which are out of proportion.

·        Space exploration: use images of space and planets for the background.

·        Travel through time: use images from the past as a background and add a black and white or sepia filter, students could also dress in relevant costume.

·        Jump into a story: use images reflect from a story.

·        Be the star of a comic: add images to a comic creator

·        Clone yourself: ever wished you could be in two places at once, take multiple photos of yourself in different poses and add them to the same background image.

·        Mirror image: create the illusion of a mirror image.

·        Evil twin: take on two personas in the same image.

There are many software options which allow you to do this technique, however, there are now many easy to use options.

1. Superimpose

Available for iPad and Android

Provides the ability to layer and mask your own images.

2. Clone camera
Android version: Clone camera 2.0
This app provides the ability to merge images and overlay.

iPad version
This app provides a range of free images for the background. You can buy the upgrade which will provide more images. You can use your own image for the foreground image. Very easy to use, simply erase the background of the foreground image. The free version does have ads.
4. Microsoft PowerPoint
Thought it was worth mentioning the remove background function in PowerPoint which is very effective and easy to use.
In the picture tools, select the option Remove background. Tools will then appear to indicating mark areas to keep and mark areas to remove. A purple mask will appear over the image, the purple areas will be removed. Layer images by right clicking and selecting Bring to front or send to back.


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