Friday, January 22, 2010

Ever thought about how YOU learn?

Admittedly, I have never really put much thought into how I learn, until I participated in an assignment for a course of study I was doing. The task was to reflect on how we learn to use a new piece of technology. I chose to focus on the video editor within the game Trackmania. While I always knew I am a visual learner, I was not aware of the strategies I use to learn and master a new skill.

Below is a Diagram of the strategies I used to learn the new technology.

I found these were the strategies I used at different times and in diferent sequences.

As educators, I think it is important to be aware and understand how learning takes place so we can provide the best opportunities for it to happen.

Have you ever reflected on your own learning?  I pose to you the challenge to learn something new and document and reflect on the strategies you use.

Another interesting activity is to assess your learning styles.

Here are my results.  Also a great activity for students.


Melissa said...

I was asked recently about the last thing I learned and how I learned it. I think my answer included something about needing to be able to do something and "playing around" until I figured out how to do. I find myself thinking about that question quite a bit now. Reflecting on the strategies that I use to learn something will help me add even more to my answer (if that question ever comes up again). :)

Paula Montrie said...

Thank you for this site - I passed it along to a colleague who teaches learning styles.

I am a big Howard Gardner fan and we use this online tool with our 6th graders. I love it. It allows you to show results by class as well.

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