Thursday, January 21, 2010

Using Online Surveys in Education

Gone are the days where you photocopy questions, distribute the forms, collect the forms and then spend hours tallying the results.

Now, we have access to online surveys. Online Survey sites allow you to set your own questions; they collate the results for you and even display the data in graph form.

All you have to do is send out the link to the survey.

So How can Online Surveys be used in Education?
Professional Use
This can be a great tool to use with staff to:
• Collect feedback about an event, activity or resource

• Find out professional development needs of staff

• Gauge interest in an upcoming event

• Find out teacher expertise in different fields

Survey Students

This is a very useful way to collect information from your students to help you with your planning. It could be used for:

• Finding out about students’ interests

• Gauging students’ prior knowledge for the next unit of work

• Collecting feedback about a unit of work to evaluate its success or how it could be improved.

Students create their own surveys

Students can use online surveys to

• collect data for an assignment

• collect feedback on something they have created

• Students can then analyse and reflect on their results by interpreting the graph. These results could be used to make further decisions or to reflect on their learning.

Educational Outcomes

•When students create their own survey they must have a good understanding of the content and the task in order to form the correct questions.

• They must also decide on the information they want to collect and pose appropriate questions which will retrieve this information.

• Students can gain an understanding of how to interpret graphs. This activity could be extended further by asking students to create their own graphs.

• This is a great way for students to reflect on their learning and evaluate their achievements.

Online Survey Sites


alessandra said...

Hi, I'm attending an online course about tools to use in education and found your info about online surveys quite useful! Thanks :)
By the way, I use PollDaddy which I don't see in the list above. Ever used it?

Alessandra from Italy

SurveyTool said...

Wow! Thanks! I've already bookmarked the site & saved a couple reports!

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Unknown said...

online surveys are becoming an important research tool for a various research fields, including marketing, social and official statistics research......Thanks for this information you have post.

Mrs Sievert said...

Survey monkey is so user friendly and the results that you get fast and easy without all of the hard work of old time tallying and collecting data is so much better
love it

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