Sunday, January 31, 2010

So you want to be a Rock Star!

Recently I have been experimenting with Music games such as Guitar Hero and Rock Band. While I was strumming the guitar I started to think of possible ways to integrate these games into the classroom. My immediate thoughts went to how I would use them in Art and Multimedia classes and then I continued to explore further.  (One thing to be aware of is some games may have inappropriate images so choose a game which best suits the age of your students).

Here are a few ideas, (Happy to hear any ideas you might have to add)

• Write a blog of experiences, levels and songs mastered

• Document the songs and artists

• Research the artists

• Create an online timeline of the different styles of music

• Explore the period of time or culture associated with each song

• Interpret the lyrics of a song

• Write lyrics for a song

• Look at music search sites

• Look at different instruments

• Create a Glossary of Music terms

This site could be useful in this task

• Analyse the game

• Write a comparison between two similar games

• Write a review for the game to be published in a game magazine or blog

• Design a rubric to assess a game

• Hold a tournament between students with teams and prizes to win

• Design own rock star

• Design a Guitar

• Design a poster for a band or rock star

• Write a story about rock star

• Create a virtual tour for a rock band

• Create a comic based on a rock star

• Create your own music       You can use the Audio Editor on the Aviary site

• Beat Maker ipod app

Benefits of playing Music Games:
  • develop rhythm
  • develop hand-eye co-ordination
  • motor skills
  • develop memory and indentifying skills
  • music recognition

Here are a list of games:

Game Consoles:

Online Games:

Guitar Hero II

Guitar Master

There is also a range of ipod apps such as:

Guitar Rock Tour

Guitar Rock Tour 2

Rock Band

             Tap Tap Pro



Unknown said...

I love these ideas. This is very creative and would appeal to most students who love music. I find it difficult to find lessons that will appeal to boys as well in my children classes. Thanks for the ideas!

Thomas Boito said...

Nice piece which I will pass along to my music teachers

Mrs. Tenkely said...

Great ideas! All it takes is a little creativity to take something that students love and turn it into a learning opportunity. Well done! I have had my students practicing typing using a rock band type game. (see the games page). They love it!

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