Friday, March 12, 2010

Brain Training Games

There are many games labelled as Braining Training games, I like to think of them as Learning Training. When you look at the skills the Brain Training games focus on they are all important skills needed to learn.

Such as:

• Memory

• Concentration & Attention

• Language Skills

• Visual & Spatial

• Executive Functions (Logic & Reasoning)

The games available also assist in the development of skills in literacy, numeracy and ICT. Most are also accompanied with extra content students can learn about such as capital cities, countries, types of food and ways to cook, the list is endless. (These games are fun for adults too!)

There are several Brain Training sites, most offer a few free games and the opportunity to upgrade to unlock the other games.

Fit Brains is a site which offers a range of games to help develop thinking skills. here is a list of free games.

A Cross-training brain game designed to develop all skills.

Memory Brain Games improve short and long-term recall abilities.

Make words out of letters you are given

Make words by adding letters or words

Put words into categories

Break the code by adding letters and learn about different cultures.

Add arrows to direct the fruit

Identify the correct shapes

Give the robot directions to move on a map

Buy food and keep to a budget

Add combinations of numbers to remove the blocks

Memorise ingredients and instructions

Identify and select shapes

Other Brain Training sites

There are also Brain training games available for Nintendo DS,
here are a few:

There are also Brain training apps available for ipods.


Brain Challenge

Brain Challenge 2: Think Again!

Speed Brain

Brain Exercise

Boost your brain

Brain Training

Brain Tuner

Brain Quest


Melissa said...

Wow! Look at all those learning games! Thanks for sharing. I will be sure to bookmark this and refer back to it to help teachers!

Em said... brain needs these sites!! :)

Jennifer Verschoor said...

Thank you very much for this post. There are great games for my students!!

my blog said...

Love all these. have had lots of fun with the word bubbles. they are difficult,great for the gifted children who are finished early and want something a little bit extra

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I love these games for me! Logic games can keep me busy for many hours on end. Thank you for sharing all of these, they are great for the classroom and home.

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