Monday, March 08, 2010

Jimmi Rocks, Under the Sea Adventures

I have been busy finding a collection of Virtual World Games.  There are many to choose from and there are now games which are designed specifically for kids and have educational components.

Here is one I found interesting it is called Jimmi Rocks, Under the Sea Adventures.

This site focuses on the Underwater theme and allows students to navigate and explore within a virtual world.  Students can learn facts about sea animals, create art, play games, communicate with others and earn points to decorate their own underwater world. 

Parents or teachers register and they then have the option to :

* Accept and Request Buddies

* Limit time on Games

* Set Safe or Open Chat

* Monitor Child's Activities

There is a free option which can be upgraded to a paid mebership.


This site provides opportunities to develop literacy skills, creativity, decision making and to develop knowledge about sea creatures and the world in which they live.

There are different places to visit and in each place is a book which you can read and are given options to select to continue the story.

This is the list of activities students can engage in.

Choose and design an underwater character.

Learn about Sea Creatures.

Paint a Sea Scape

Learn about sea creatures a Sea School

Visit Dive Sites

Answer a quiz about the dive sites

Write a message to be sent in a bottle.

This site would be great for primary school students and possibly lower secondary.  It is excellent if you are working with underwater themes.  It addresses subject areas such as science, art and SOSE.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

What a fun site to learn about underwater animals! Our third grade students are just beginning an ocean unit, this looks like it would be a really good tie in.

my blog said...

Terrific, love the idea especially when teaching an ocean theme. Love it, Now bookmarked :) You wouldn't happen to know of a space one would you?

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