Wednesday, March 10, 2010


This site offers a virtual version of a reward chart system. Children adopt a pet cat and earn points by completing tasks on their To Do List. There are options to buy clothes for the cat and decorate their home, play games and walk around a virtual world and socialise with other cats. Emphasis is placed on rewarding good behaviour, being healthy, creativity and doing well in school.

The site provides free options and paid options. There is also a paid option for teachers.
This would be a great site to pass on to parents to work with their children at home.

This site would be great for primary students.

The site provides a range of printable sheets for chore charts, worksheets and art and craft activities.

The cat appears on the score card. Children can dress the cat and change the background.

You can create your own To Do List. There are a range of options to choose from or create your own.

The To Do List appears like this and you can click on each box as the task is completed.
Each task earns Handi points and Bonus Points.
Handi Points will earn rewards set by the teacher, parent or by the students themselves.
The Bonus Points will buy items within the game such as clothes for their cat and furniture for the cat's house.

There is a virtual world component where students can navigate within the virtual world and communicate with others. There are rules of conduct and options for Standard Safe Chat Mode or Super Safe Chat Mode. The Super Chat Mode restricts students to questions and comments which are provided.

Here is a map of the virtual world.

Buy furniture and decorate the cat's home.

The furniture can be bought by browsing through a virtual CATalogue.

The furniture is divided into theme sets. This allows teachers to explore themes and could be a great CATalyst for story writing.

This is an example of the princess theme.

Clothes are bought using the same method and are also divided into themes and careers.

As tasks are completed students are also rewarded with stamps to place into their virtual album. The album focuses on healthy living and gives information about each topic.

  • This site can be used in many ways. It can raise discussions about what it takes to be a good person and how we should treat each other. What does it mean to behave as a responsible citizen or a global citizen.
  • It would be great to use in a health unit as there is emphasis on healthy eating and exercise.

  • The site educates students how to behave and manage a virtual world giving them experience in a more controlled environment.

  • Students can bring their cats to life and create models and paintings of them, write stories, explore themes or even research different careers which are represented in the Clothing Catalogue.

  • A great activity for a teacher could be to create a To Do List for the class,
what behaviours and tasks are needed to sustain a safe and fun learning environment?


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What brilliant resource. Steph you find the most incredible things.

Mrs. Tenkely said...

This is genius. Parents everywhere are rejoicing over this right now. Thank you, once again Steph, you do not disappoint!

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