Thursday, March 11, 2010

Carrot Sticks

This is a site designed for students from grades 1 - 5 to learn and develop math skills. Students have the option of answering sums by themselves or competing against an opponent.

You do not have to register to play.
The free option only offers addition sums, the paid options also offers subtraction, multiplication and division.

First, students can create their own character by clicking on the item they want to change and then clicking on the arrows which appear. This activity could extend into a writing activity or group discussion where students can explain why their character looks the way they do. Students can change skin colour, hair style, eyes, mouth, shirt, pants, shoes and the item in the hand.

The character appears at the bottom of the screen.
The sum appears and students simply type in the answer.

There is a panel on the left hand side where you can choose the type of sum (if in paid version) and choose the level of difficulty.
Carrot Sticks is a fun and easy to use site making it perfect for younger students.


Mrs. Tenkely said...

My students go crazy for these types of games...must be that competitive spirit in us all. You have never seen kids so eager to practice math facts in all your life. I know I have found a winner when they ask, "can I play this one at home?"
Practice math at home? Why yes, yes you can.

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