Monday, March 29, 2010

Fun Interactive Sites for Kids

I have to admit, I didn't find these sites on my own. I sat down with my kids and they showed me the sites they love to play on . Kido'z is a web browser for children which only makes appropriate sites, games and videos available. It is also easy for children to navigate around.

The Wot Wots

One of the sites they showed me was

An interesting activity which created a lot of laughter was an Animal Creator. You go to the drawing board and choose the activity. Select a colour and then select from different animals for different body parts and a cartoon version is drawn. You can save the image and then go to the scrapbook and print the image. This can lead into some fun art projects and then write a description or story about the creature.

Rainbow Magic

The next site they showed me was

This is a popular chapter book series about fairies named after colours.

A fun activity the site provides is 'Create your own fairy' .

Choose within a colour theme or choose any colour under the rainbow.

Once you have created your fairy, you can write a name and then write a description of the fairy.

This could then lead into a writing activity where students can create their own story based on their fairy.

Word World

The next two sites are based on the TV show Word World. A great show where all objects are represented with the word in the shape of the object. The first site provides an ebook which can be read, printed or emailed.

The next site is more interactive. You can follow the challenges and spell the words of objects. You can also visit the different characters in the show and click on the 'Word Things'. The words are then spelt out.

This is a fun way for students to learn the meaning and spelling of words. The concept of drawing words to look like the object can be a great art activity while learning the spelling of words.

Berenstain Bears

The next site we came across was .

You can create your own story by filling in spaces and selecting from provided options. This would be a great activity for younger students. They can read the finished story or print it out.

Students could then share their stories and draw pictures.

Wumpa's World

This next site is a very popular one at home, mainly because it offers many options and children can explore and navigate through activities.

Click on the different characters and students can engage in a range of activities such as searching, sorting, creative games, storytelling and many more.


my blog said...

What a treasure trove of wonderful sites for children. I have now added them to blogEd for my students to be able to access. thanks Steph

Mrs. Tenkely said...

I find some of the best resources from my students! I think it is great that you took the time to find out what online activities they are enjoying at home and in their free time. It is always revealing to me when I ask students where they spend their time online at home. You can learn so much about your students that way.

Nick Provenzano said...

This is such a great collection of resources. Thanks for putting them together in one place. I will be passing this post along to other teachers.

Keith Schoch said...

A really nice collection! Many I haven't seen before. I also collected some and posted them at I love those that combine fun with learning.

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